People often think of Ernest Hemingway because he was eccentric, or wrote famous literature, or looked like a well-kempt Santa Clause. But what Ernest Hemingway should be revered for in business circles is his writing style.

Wait… what does that have to do with business?

Hemingway championed a style of writing called iceberg theory in which he sought to show, and not tell. He aimed to only write of the surface elements of his characters and let the deeper meaning shine through. Actions speak louder than words.

In business we often tell our customers that they are important to us, without showing them that they are. Nothing embodies this more than an automated voice telling us to “Stay on the line, your call is very important to us.” Or even worse, when a customer is referred to as a number.

So how can we show our customers that we really do value them?

Easy. We give them the best service they have ever had. Nothing says, “I value you and your time” like someone expressly making you their number one priority. It feels good to know that someone has responded quickly and thoughtfully to your problem.

Good business aims to facilitate a lightning fast response to requests by streamlining how requests are delivered and ensuring that the right person gets the request, the first time. This way the customer no longer has to worry about being tossed from department to department, and can get the care they need, and you can show them that you value them.

Additionally, by keeping requests in an easy to search database a business can maintain a customer profile, track correspondence, and allow for agents to solve similar tickets with the same tried and trued solution.

At Nessis Inc. we aim to show and not tell our clients that we value them. That is why we put out free business content — because your customers are our customers. By helping you out, we help us out. Even if you are not one of our customers and find value in our content, then we want you to keep coming back! Our content is how we tell you that we don’t want to just sell you something; we want to grow our businesses, together.